Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July to all

The federal holiday's are a time to remember the loved ones who gave their life for our freedom.
Also to celebrate our freedom's. Take some time today and have a converstion with family and friends about those special folks. I truely believe that when you mention their name that they are right there with us.
So to start my dad Robert Dale Harmon served in the US Navy on and aircraft carrier. He kept the crew feed. He was always telling us about his time in the service and loved to share about when they came in to Sydney Aust. They were welcomed with open arms. They were the first American's to arrive after the battle of the Coral Seas. I will be wearing one of my pendants with his picture in it to remember him today and to share his life with others.
If you haven't see the pendant you can go to
God Bless America, and you.
Live a Life you love

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